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The Password Problem

Posted by Zane Harnish under Lifestyle and Security


Passwords are all over the place. In many situations, if you want to access something on your computer, your phone, or the internet, you need an account secured by a password. Passwords are good. They serve as a form of authentication that prevents people from gaining access to your personal accounts and information. You may have noticed that most people do not like passwords very much. They are perceived as inconvenient and of limited value to security. This article is meant to outline what I have dubbed “The Password Problem”: the widespread misuse and misunderstanding of passwords.

Use Your Resources

Posted by Zane Harnish under Development


I was tempted to title this article something to the tune of “Reinventing the Wheel”. If you didn’t notice, I decided not to. It just seemed too cliché. You’re welcome.

Video: A Main Focus Point

Posted by Zach Blank under Video and Lifestyle


Video has always been a powerful tool and a great communicator. We use video to express ourselves in many different ways. We have movies, commercials, vlogs, tutorials, sketches, and more that we are exposed to on a daily bases. These platforms have served as a massive component to modern communication, and there are a lot of opportunities within it. The first is from a marketing perspective. Someone who is trying to promote a brand, story, idea, product, etc., has an essential task of conveying a message. This requires the ability to capture attention, concentration, and present in a way that is comprehensive and concrete. We as a culture have become increasingly familiar with the concept of gaining information through video. We check the news, find details on products, follow recipes, talk to friends and find entertainment – ALL through video. Because our everyday lives have become so saturated by video content, it's clear what a powerful tool it is to reach people with your message. Its accessibility and familiarity are both factors that drive its ability to connect with people in the comfort of their own time, setting, etc. As visual communication and the ability to absorb content almost instantaneously become increasingly popular, it has become nearly impossible to compete with traditional text content. Though it is still important, it has quite simply lost its ability to generate interest and catch people’s attention. A good way to deliver information, yes, but a way to reel in new interest... not likely. Video can do big things and it's a wasted opportunity not to provide content in this engaging format.