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How to Ruin Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Zach Blank under Lifestyle


Everyone has a dream. Some big, some small. And although having a goal is normal, the ability to see those visions through to reality and completion is far less commonplace. This means that there is some gap in a spark of inspiration that many folks have a hard time overcoming, and many times that can be attributed to barriers that cannot be overcome. But what about when our inability comes from ourselves? Starting a business can really help you see where things go haywire when it comes to realizing a milestone or achievement, so I've identified 5 ways that I tend to not capitalize on long term goals. These are big roadblocks, and if you can perfect any one of these, you'll never get anywhere with ease.

A Call to Arms

Posted by Zane Harnish under Development


The web industry is always changing, and changing fast. Anyone who has worked in any related field knows that you have to be careful when you blink, or you might end up on the wrong end of a major shift. A large part of our industry is trying to predict what’s next and position ourselves to get there first. At times it can be a daunting task, but personally I find it one of the most interesting pieces of the job. At times, you can find great new ideas to begin implementing into your work. Other times you can find something new that you don’t like. Over time as I’ve taken time to look forward, I have seen a certain threat looming in the background. It seems like it’s always been there, although far away, but I think it’s getting close enough that we examine it a bit more carefully. For some people, maybe it has blended in with the scenery and seemingly become a non-threat, but I see it differently. Some might even laugh at the idea that I would call it a “threat”. But what I am speaking of is (generically) the “website builder”, or even worse the “free website builder”.

The End of Flat Design

Posted by Zach Blank under Design


Flat and dull. These two words perhaps best describe the essence of the biggest design trend right now, better known as flat design. Designers have been using solid, desaturated colors to express ideas, brand companies, and fill the visual demands of their projects in great volume, and as a result we see this technique manifested in almost every corner of our culture. For example, I wrote this post while traveling, and at one point I looked outside to give my eyes a break, and there was a billboard, with flat design fully implemented in the iconography and copy. This ought to prove my point: It's everywhere.

The Future of Video Resolution

Posted by Mitch Blank under Video


If you do any kind of video shooting, editing, or even YouTube watching, you are probably familiar with the infamous 1080p. 1920 x 1080 is the standard in the film industry and is accepted as professional quality. But for how long will this be true? There are many things in the world of technology that could easily put 1080p in the past with the many other forgotten "revolutions" that seemed unmatchable in their time. There will never be a time in which video, design and other like industries will stop advancing and settle into one place for the rest of eternity. As far as 1080p goes right now, there are already ways to capture 4k, even 5k video. While right now, the standard does remain at 1080p, there is so much room for improvement in the near future.