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July, 2013

The Dangers of Copy & Paste Programming

Posted by Zane Harnish under Development


As time goes on, the demands for more advanced functionality in websites rises. Web browsers are becoming more and more powerful as people expect more and more power from them. This can leave web developers in an interesting position. Many have only mastered the art of HTML as well as basic CSS, but when a client is looking for a website with a higher visual appeal or more advanced functionality, that isn’t enough. Learning more advanced CSS is now more important than ever, and jQuery is growing ever more important. Unfortunately, developers don’t have time (or desire) to learn new languages that will only add complexity to their work. This inevitably leads to one thing when certain features are sought after – copy and paste.

Our Logo and Its Story

Posted by Zach Blank under Branding and Design


A logo is a very difficult piece of art to craft. It needs to be simple, and yet communicate a lot. It conveys a lot about what organization, person, company, etc. is behind the mark, and emits a very specific feeling. These are a few of the reasons why a lot of thought and time goes into a brand. However, there is one factor alone that can make the process all the more strenuous: yourself. Designing for yourself is hard. Very hard. In most situations, you have some sort of limits or boundaries: time, guidelines given to you by clients, and knowledge of who you are designing for. This isn't the case when you design something for your own personal use. As a result, the task becomes more open ended and personal, all at once. This, for me, resulted in a branding project that seemed too fierce and menacing to conquer.