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August, 2013

The Future of Video Resolution

Posted by Mitch Blank under Video


If you do any kind of video shooting, editing, or even YouTube watching, you are probably familiar with the infamous 1080p. 1920 x 1080 is the standard in the film industry and is accepted as professional quality. But for how long will this be true? There are many things in the world of technology that could easily put 1080p in the past with the many other forgotten "revolutions" that seemed unmatchable in their time. There will never be a time in which video, design and other like industries will stop advancing and settle into one place for the rest of eternity. As far as 1080p goes right now, there are already ways to capture 4k, even 5k video. While right now, the standard does remain at 1080p, there is so much room for improvement in the near future.