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How to Ruin Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps

Posted by Zach Blank under Lifestyle


Everyone has a dream. Some big, some small. And although having a goal is normal, the ability to see those visions through to reality and completion is far less commonplace. This means that there is some gap in a spark of inspiration that many folks have a hard time overcoming, and many times that can be attributed to barriers that cannot be overcome. But what about when our inability comes from ourselves? Starting a business can really help you see where things go haywire when it comes to realizing a milestone or achievement, so I've identified 5 ways that I tend to not capitalize on long term goals. These are big roadblocks, and if you can perfect any one of these, you'll never get anywhere with ease.

1. Don't Make Sacrifices
If you have a goal, whether one that can be attained next week or in seven years, you'll never find ways to reach in unless you sacrifice other things that are in the way. Time blocked out to make something tangible come out of your desire is important. When we started our business, we were in our freshman year of high school. We focused on sports, friends and other activities that probably held us back in the long run. Other things are important too, but the point is, you must make investment to see results.

2. Prioritize “Alone Time”
Sometimes we just get lazy. We need to “crash” or “unwind.” That time that you spend on Twitter or in front of Netflix is time that you could be using to push your ideas or goals further. That's not to say any of that is bad. But if you have a goal, you can't expect to be able to attain it without working hard. Cool stuff doesn't happen because you watched an entire season of Finding Bigfoot or every episode of Star Trek.

3. Don't Establish Accountability
Perhaps the best way to fight slumps into lazy and wasteful time usage is to find someone who would in some way be stoked about you reaching your goal. Someone mentally invested and close enough that they'll chastise and heckle you for not throwing yourself into it. That external input can light a fire that will help you.

4. Get Discouraged and Lose Interest
No matter how hard you try, sometimes there are issues that arise that can be extremely disheartening. Losing sight of the initial passion will end a struggle for your dreams real quick. Keep reminding yourself why you want to achieve whatever it is you are striving for.

5. Use Internet Explorer
Well... I don't know how detrimental this would actually be, but I don't recommend it to anyone with a pulse.

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