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More than Just a Logo

Posted by Zach Blank under Branding and Design


Let’s say Joe has a business. He is located in an area that lends itself to unique exposure, networking possibilities, and credibility. These are the right pieces to start off with, but the vital step that Joe needs to make is to establish the way people are going to interact with his company. This is what many people would refer to as “brand”.

Branding is a term that gets thrown around a lot. In many situations it can be loosely interchanged with “logo” or something of that nature. However, brand goes a lot deeper than just a business logo. A brand should encompass the entirety of the way people interact with and experience what a business is all about.

The obvious building blocks of a brand include a logo and other visual elements of a business. Business cards, letterheads, signage, packaging design, and more are key parts of building a picture of what a business looks like and establishing a core identity. Once those things are in place though, it’s time to build upon that and reach a larger target audience.

A great example of a more comprehensive brand approach can be found in situations like Buffalo Wild Wings, Metro Bank, and other franchises. These companies have put significant emphasis on the design and feel of their physical locations. They have reached beyond just a logo and have ensured that their locations have been designed and built consistently. It doesn’t matter where you go, every establishment will have the brand’s signature look. You can tell you’re looking at a Buffalo Wild Wings without seeing the logo.

Another piece of a brand that can be key in establishing the way a business presents itself is through music and jingles. Think about Nationwide Insurance or Intel. They both have established a jingle –just a few notes or words –that are linked to the brand. This is a good way to help customers gain further recognition of a brand. A logo is the grounding core of the experience visually, but there are so many facets that can be used to expand that territory and make it more distinguishable.

The sky is the limit with this approach to building a broad platform for a brand. Chick-fil-a always tells you that it’s “their pleasure” to serve you. Best Buy uses the signature blue polo and khakis and makes it a prominent piece of their identity. Creativity and consistency are really the key pieces to making something of value that stands out and has a unique vibe.

Sound interesting? We’d love to talk with you to see how we can help you take your brand to the next level.

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