Reach your audience everwhere with printed material

Reach your audience

with printed material

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Smart Layout


Print is all about greater visibility. Therefore, the layout of your designs needs to capture and convey. We can help your ads stand out by creating a straightforward and intelligent hierarchy that places you in the spotlight while moving your audience through your information in a methodical way that will inspire them to action.

Vast Print Options

Vast Print

When your piece is finished, it needs to be printed with style. We can find the right printer to get the look you want with your piece, whether that’s a hard or soft substrate, a unique cut, or a stylish printing technique. Being boring is not the key to success, and a good print job can breathe a bit of live into any project or campaign.

Spread The Word

Spread the

People live in the real world, and although the web is a great way to interact with an audience, print materials are a vital and effective way to reach them in a different atmosphere and solidify brand recognition. The more familiar accessible you are to potential clients and customers, the more likely you are to succeed.

Elastic, Plastic and Lasting

Elastic, Plastic and Lasting (better known as EPL) is a specially formulated deck coating designed to outperform and outlast all other deck coatings. Their product has been sold in ACE Hardware and currently they are working to promote the product locally.

We designed these labels for the EPL buckets, using rough parameters as to what needed to stand out and images of the deck coating in use. There were two different sizes available at the time and we designed a label that fit each option. The labels were then printed with an adhesive back and placed directly on the buckets.

Our Part

  • Layout/Composition
  • Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Brand Refresh

Like what you see?

We would love to team up with you and create something that tells a story with an artistic, personal feel.

SalonOVATION is a boutique hair salon from Lititz, PA. They opened for business early in 2014, serving unique needs of their clients.

We created these business cards for SaloNOVATION, working off of a specific color palette and the existing logo. We also had the idea of meshing a business card with an appointment card, saving the client money and killing two birds with one stone. The cards also made use of spot UV, which made parts of the card pop out, and gave the work an overall professional look.

Our Part

  • Conception/Mockups
  • Design
  • Revisions
  • Delivery

Like what you see?

We would love to team up with you and create something sharp that will leave a strong first impression.